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Compare to the leading brands...
It's important how ingredients are processed. Some brands use high heat and solvents to extract ingredients, often destroying the vital nutrient. No benefit to your dog. Instead of using it, your dog's kidneys flush it right out.
Cheaply processed ingredients are not absorbed into the body. They simply pass through with little or no benefit. Learn about our top quality ingredients here.
• Maximum joint protection. Proven the best by over ten years of happy dogs.
• All Natural. No synthetic dyes. Not as pretty as theirs, but natural and nontoxic.
• Hypoallergenic. Safe and healing for even the most sensitive dogs.
• Tastes great. No more pill pockets. Your dog will think it's a treat...and it is!
• Made and SOURCED in USA in certified Rx facility with strict OTC FDA regulation.
• Pharmaceutical grade. Produced with highest quality name brand ingredients.
Easy Money-Back
Joint pain doesn't have to be a life sentence for your dog.
No one loves your dog - or worries about him or her more than you. That's why we've gone the extra measure to make a supplement different from all others...a formula that provides more than the ultimate in joint pain and restoration. A formula that provides vital protection as your dog gets older.
Don't wait until your dogs are in pain Give it now. Let them get the most out of life.
"Doing 'ok' on Dasaquin...
I have a 16 year old silky terrier that was doing"ok"on Dasaquin. After one month on FlexPlus you can't tell that she has arthritis. I have 3 other dogs ages 10 and up and I've started them on it too. Thanks for putting out such a great product.
Here is a picture of Angel, my 16 year old.
Susan Zevola
"We tried everything...
Our black German Shepherd developed a back body problem. Our vet told us to give her pain killers and she will be fine. That was not good enough for me and I went online to research. We tried everything, glucosamine, vitamin C, you name it. Nothing worked. By coincidence, I found your formula. Today, Nellie is three years old. She will outrun and outlast any dog on the planet. When we get home from being at dog's beach...for 8 hours, she picks up her toggle rope and wants to play. How good can it be? The sky is the limit."
Mike & Lisa Persson
Our Mission
We promise to always deliver the highest quality supplements made from safe ingredients SOURCED only within America. Dogs provide endless love, so keeping them comfortable and at their peak performance is our small way of giving back.
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