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Safely 100% USA
Don't let "Made in USA" fool you.
Unless the ingredients in your supplements are SOURCED in the USA you may unknowingly be poisoning your dog.
Glucosamine, MSM and MORE!
Vets recommend our powerful formula. Hyaluronic Acid, CMC, even more. More healing power than the leading brands.
No Risk Money-Back
We can offer this amazing guarantee because you'll love the results. It's that good.
Are you paying for expensive pee?
Are you paying for expensive pee?
There is a critical and crucial difference in how the ingredients in supplements are processed.
Some manufacturers use high heat and chemical solvents to extract the ingredients, often destroying the vital nutrient. Their label may read "MSM" but if it's not medical grade it won't penetrate the cell to begin supporting the joint.
So your dog's kidneys put that toxic crap where it belongs.
Pharmaceutical grade FlexPlus USA ingredients are very highly absorbed for your dog's greatest healing benefit.
Is your dog in pain?
It's a dog's instinct to hide pain. In your busy day with errands, work and must-dos, we know how easy it is to miss what's going on inside all our loved ones - especially those who try to hide it.
  • Is your dog sleeping more than usual? It may not be aging.
  • Is she reluctant to climb stairs or jump on the bed?
  • Does he favor a certain position when lying down?
  • Is she showing less enthusiasm? Where's the puppy in her?
FlexPlus USA stops the pain and begins supporting the joints.
Works quickly. Gives great results fast.
Even helps with painful arthritis.
Your dog will play like a puppy again.
Hypoallergenic for the most sensitive dog
Convenient, long-lasting, giant bottle.
Price is reasonable. Results are priceless.
Auto Ship available. More savings, more convenience!
Caring Customer Service. Since we have the world's greatest customers!
Easy Money-Back
Many thousands of happy dogs rely upon our formula.
Read some of their awesome stories.
Read some of their awesome stories.
A Life Saver
"FlexPlus USA has been a life saver for Browser. At 18 years, arthritis had robbed him of most of his mobility to the point we had seriously considered putting him down. He still can't jump into the back of the truck, but has improved tremendously! Great product! Thanks."
James Kelly, Monticello GA
Paranoia of Walking on Concrete - Gone!
"He has been on it for about a month and he now is able to stand easier and no longer has the paranoia of walking on concrete or walking up the stairs!"
Donna Yvonne Houser, Bend, OR
Like a New Dog
"Now, after a month he is running and acting lively again just like he used to... I just wanted to praise you for offering these tablets and let other people know that if they have an older dog they should definitely try this. It is wondeful! Thank you."
Donna Greene, Fort Lawn, SC
Pain is Gone
"Since she's been on your formula she gets up much better and walks with me every day without showing any signs of pain. The vet said she has collapsed discs in her back. I'm really satisfied with your product and she's worth every penny it costs us as long as we can keep her going. She's 13 years old and was always perky, but this back think hit her out of the blue. It was devastating, but I think we're on the right track now. Thanks."
Ronald Ledgerwood, Penn Yan, NY
Bilateral Hip Dysplasia
"Teddy Bear, A Pembroke Welsh Corgi was diagnosed with severe bilateral hip dysplasia at 10 months... he could barely walk or get up from a lying position. Your formula made such a difference. He has required pain medication very rarely and continues to do well... I am very, very happy with the product! It is amazing how well Teddy Bear does on this! He thanks you too!! He's the one on the left!!"
Dine Hipps, Carlsbad, CA
Jumping and Running
"I think your product is fabulous and after reading the Wall Street Journal about Rimadyl I wish everyone would switch to FlexPlus. Thank you for creating such a wonder thing for the animals. My Blondie has really responded and it is so nice to see her jump up and run around instead of taking forever to get up and then just lumbering slowly along. Bless her heart, I know she would give you a big kiss for helping her. God bless you all for the help you are providing for the animals."
James Kelly, Monticello GA
The 3 meanest excuses we've ever heard...
Not everyone is going to want to take advantage of our risk-free, totally money-back guarantee to discover the benefits of FlexPlus USA.
That's okay. But over the years we've heard it all... and here are the cruelest, raise-your-blood-pressure-pull-your-hair-out excuses.
"It's not so bad... at least he can't jump up on the sofa anymore."
"...after all, she's already 13 years old. How much longer can she live?"
"How much? You gotta be kidding... it's just a dog."
What's your excuse?
Many people don't understand the importance of using pure, high potentcy ingredients. Others are simply price driven. They figure all glucosamines are the same so they purchase the one with the most glucosamine at the lowest cost.
  • Doggie Delicious! No more pill pockets. Tastes like a treat!
  • It's hypoallergenic. Natural, safe for the most sensitive dogs!
  • Long lasting, GIANT 150 tablet bottle for your convenience.
  • Save nearly 23% with Auto-Ship Program. Cancel at any time.
FlexPlus USA stops the pain, promotes repair and supports the joints so your four-legged friend can play like a puppy again.
Easy Money-Back
Still not sure?
Our Mission
We promise to always deliver the highest quality supplements made from safe ingredients SOURCED only within America. Dogs provide endless love, so keeping them comfortable and at their peak performance is our small way of giving back.
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